Does it fall, too? India loses contact with newly launched satellite

India loses contact with newly launched satellite
India loses contact with newly launched satellite

The Indiana Space Agency lost contact with a newly launched satellite, which was to embark on a ten-year long mission.

Al Cado into space at the end of March, the GSAT-6A was part of an ambitious project to put the space program of India among the developed countries, but did not work: after orbital maneuver last April 1, all communication was lost.

Officials said the problem was probably in the satellite’s power system. With six-meter antennas, it would be used to facilitate mobile telephony connectivity in the country in the next decade.

Apart from the probable billionaire investment, the GSAT-6A should not be a problem for us Terrans at this time: unlike the Tiangong-1 that almost fell in Sao Paulo, it is still trying to reach its destination when Indians believe it will be possible to restore contact.

This is not the first time that India’s space program has failed in its objective: less than six months ago another satellite lost contact with Earth shortly after its launch, the PLSV-C39.

It is not revealed how much money the country put into these projects, but it is possible to estimate the stab if we remember how much our satellite launched at the beginning of the year. Does India recover?


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