Does fashion catch? Netflix operator unleashes free of charge franchise


Does fashion catch? Netflix operator unleashes free of charge franchise


Free access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp have become commonplace in our country carriers, but a telephony company took that concept far beyond. British operator Three began offering its customers a plan with nothing less than Netflix for free, without discounting the monthly 4G franchise.

The offer does not include the subscription service itself, but it is a hand in the wheel for anyone already streaming platform users and wants to watch from anywhere without relying on Wi-Fi. Because traffic shaping is allowed in the UK, the carrier Can limit the speed and thus the quality of streaming.


But does not stop there. Subscribers to one of the carrier’s plans can still access the Soundcloud and Deezer music services without consuming packet data. Likewise, the premium subscription is not included, so it only works if you are already a user.

To get the advantages just hire the 4 GB internet 4G plan or a higher one. In addition, the subscriber still takes access to a library of more than 100 TV channels through the TV Player streaming service. The only requirement to keep all these accesses is to keep the carrier’s monthly payment up to date.

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