Divorce: Google Photos will lose integration with Drive from July


Google PhotosGoogle offers an interesting solution for those who do not want to pay for a photo synchronization service. Preserving them in good quality is possible to have an unlimited storage of your records, and access them in a very simple way when switching smartphones, for example. In addition, artificial intelligence features add extra help with organization and even registry customizations.

What not everyone knows is that until then you can see this same backup in the cloud in Google Drive. Your photos are available in a folder there, so it’s easier to deal with them as if they were even files. However, this integration, unfortunately, has a deadline.

From July it will no longer be possible to access the images saved in the Photos by Drive. This also means they will no longer be copied there. Of course, they remain preserved in the first one, but you will need to install Photos even if you just want to download your records to the computer, for example, what Drive makes easier today.Drive

In any case, within the app, it will still be possible to select specific images and in the actions submenu create a backup in Drive. At the end of the day, the process is only losing its automation, it is known for what reason.

It’s worth noting that all other Google Photos features are preserved. This is an update that in the end should reach a few users, but ultimately, it is a loss that will be felt by them.

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Among other service updates, not everything is bad news: if you have an AMOLED screen smartphone, you may soon benefit from a dark mode for the backup app.

Source: www.hdblog.it


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