Did you find it handsome? Youtuber creates concept of Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition


Galaxy Note 10Who is waiting for the top Samsung Galaxy Note 10 line had a big surprise when accessing Twitter today, as an image of the possible “Tesla Edition” option was shown in a rendering. Although interesting, it’s all just a concept created by Mr. Kunstheboss channel’s YouTuber Arun Maini.

After the spreading, the image began to spread through various social networks, causing even confusion about which would be the source of the information in some vehicles. But the important thing in this context is the work done to merge different trends this year with what can be implemented in the next Samsung flagship.

In this special edition that could be made in partnership with the company of Elon Musk, the first detail that deserves to be highlighted is the application of the Tesla logo on the back in red color, together with the sides and S-Pen. Already the rest of the body appears to be all designed to resemble the brushed steel, giving an even more premium touch to the cell phone.

Obviously, everything is a concept, but if the South Korean decides to implement the novelty, we will have another smartphone that mixes its overall power with the design of luxury cars, just as Huawei did with the Porsche edition, the OnePlus with McLaren and Oppo with Lamborghini.

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The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be announced in August of this year and may come in two screen size options, one counting with 6.3 inches and another called Pro with 6.75. Regarding the performance settings, it is only possible to be sure of the chipset used, which will be the same as that applied to the S10 line.

Source: twitter.com


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