Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Will Feature Screen Mirroring on Windows 10


Dell MobileIntroduced at CES 2018 by Dell, Mobile Connect drew attention by making it possible to connect branded smartphones and notebooks, allowing the user to fully control the phone through Windows, thereby optimizing user productivity.

Now, about 2 years after its formal unveiling, the brand takes another step toward versatility by extending support for iPhones and promising major application enhancements that can be installed on XPS, Inspiron and Vostro PCs purchased after January 2018.

According to the American, in the new version will be possible to mirror the screen of iPhones directly in Windows, similar to what happens with devices that have embedded Android, and allow to perform the transfer of files wirelessly.

According to the company, the new features, which will arrive sometime in the spring (between March and June this year), do not rely on the use of AirDrop or AirPlay to happen. What is striking about the revelation is that it shows that Dell has managed to go further than Microsoft itself, given that the Your Phone app has not been able to offer the same functions to date.

Additionally, Dell has also introduced a new service called Cinema Guide (image above) which consists of offering a service hub that integrates native Windows 10 applications and web pages (when the application does not exist), allowing you to see what’s coming to streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus and more.

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Unlike the new version of Dell Mobile Connect, the Dell Cinema Guide is now available for download and can be obtained directly from the official Windows store via the second card below.

Dell Mobile Connect
Price: Free



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