Dark mode coming: Microsoft Office for Android should get new theme soon


Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Word has already started to receive a new dark mode on Windows and soon this novelty should also reach Android, including the PowerPoint and Excel applications, according to a leak where it was revealed that Microsoft is already working on this update. Now see how these applications should look.

The leak was shown by Twitter user “alex193a” known as Alessandro Paluzzi, who reported the novelty of dark mode coming to Office apps for Android. The user claims to have already tested the novelty in Word and shared some screenshots that can be seen below:

The option to switch between modes is available in the application settings, but according to Paluzzi it only works in Word for now. In addition, the dark mode still has some flaws, such as leaving the page background white when creating a new document, which does not occur in Google Docs, which already creates a new one with a gray background.

Microsoft has yet to comment on a date for launching dark mode on Office for Android, but considering that the feature is already in advanced development, it is likely to be released in the coming weeks at least for more beta users.

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Which do you prefer to use on your phone: Microsoft Office or Google Docs?


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