Coronavirus: Uber reinvents service with new mode for long runs


Uber In times of a pandemic, Uber needed to reinvent itself as demand for the service dropped dramatically. After all, social isolation is recommended around the world, with people being advised to just leave the house to go to markets and pharmacies.

Thus, even many professionals have reinvented themselves and adopted the home office in their companies. But of course, the private car start-up wants to continue to exist, and for that, it is launching a new racing modality that sounds promising in this new world.

Already available in some cities in the United States, the company implements the so-called “hourly run”. The user pays a fixed amount for the hour of the race, and with that, he can have the comfort of having a private driver to take him on long journeys, with multiple stops, with a fixed amount.

This new product will be particularly interesting for those who will avoid public transport, but who will still need to make medium trips such as visits to pharmacies, markets, or even go to a medical service, combining several of these activities in a single day, taking advantage of the car’s availability at the time you hired.

The problem with that is that the price is expensive: $ 50 an hour. And for example, if the user reserves the car for 60 full minutes but his trip and use of the vehicle with a driver lasts only 30, he will pay the full hour.

An advantage is that the contracted time travel exempts the customer from paying extra fees such as multiple stops or tolls.

Another disadvantage is that the service will not appear as available if the user is requesting a car from an airport, or has one as a destination or stop.

In the end, this could be a way for the service to draw attention to your offer in these weird times. In addition, this new type of service can guarantee drivers the maintenance of their income.

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Source: theverge

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