Coronavirus: study shows that COVID-19 antibodies act for up to three months in the body


CoronavirusWith the advancement of the new coronavirus pandemic in the world, scientists around the world continue to search for an effective drug or vaccine to fight the disease. Today, July 13, we announced that a vaccine in production in Russia is already in the final stages of testing and may start to be distributed to the population later this year.

However, despite the good news from around the world regarding the various vaccines in production and testing, other findings by scholars may not be so good. Last month, one study found that the human body does not generate resistance after contagion, while another indicated that antibodies only begin to be produced in the body after two months of contagion.

Now, a new study has been carried out to complement these theses on the production of antibodies against COVID-19. According to some British researchers, the body’s natural fight against the disease only happens – in most cases – within three months after the contamination.

The study followed 90 patients infected with the new coronavirus and found that 60% of them developed a potent immune response against the disease, but nevertheless, only 17% of people maintained antibodies over the months.

It is important to highlight that another aspect of the research indicated that the antibodies reached a peak of effectiveness in the fight against the disease from three weeks after the appearance of the first symptoms, starting to disappear from then on, in three months, already become completely undetectable.

It is worth mentioning that, although the body loses COVID-19 antibodies from the third month on, the body still has other defense mechanisms against the disease, which can still help in the fight after contamination. An example of this is T cells, which have cellular immunity that is able to protect the body even after the antibodies are gone.

With this, some vaccines also seek to exploit these T cells instead of working only on the creation of antibodies to the disease.

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Although the study is in line with other findings from the scientific community, it has not yet been published or reviewed by other scientists.

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