Coronavirus: Google Maps will show vaccination sites against COVID-19


Google Maps

Google announced this week that it will expand its support for combating the new coronavirus through its mobile applications. The Mountain View company has announced that it will begin reporting sites that are vaccination points against COVID-19 in search results on the Google app and on Maps.

The news was shared on the Google blog in a publication signed by the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. In the post, the executive explains that he will extend his information panels on COVID-19 to more than 40 countries and dozens of languages ​​starting next week.

For now, vaccination locations will be indicated on Maps and the Google app in some US states, but it is expected that more countries and regions will also receive the news soon. In addition to indicating the point at which the application of the immunizer will occur, Google will also show, in its applications, other important information, such as access and availability of the vaccine.

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It is worth remembering that, among other actions, Gigante das Buscas has also announced that it will allocate about the US $ 150 million to actions related to the vaccination campaign in the United States.

Source: macmagazine


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