Control music on the dashboard! Spotify Stations for iOS gets CarPlay support


Spotify What’s new for anyone using the Spotify Stations application on iOS. The newly created stand-alone application has just won support for CarPlay, which allows users to control radio playback directly from their infotainment systems and car dashboards.

The app was released in the United States in June, allowing Spotify account holders to stream music from radio-like stations. Thus, Spotify approaches apps like Pandora, offering custom stations or playlists based on each user’s history.

As soon as the application starts the music starts playing, and the user can choose their track based on a list of several preset stations. Just like in the parent app, Spotify, subscribers can skip the track indefinitely and listen to music without ads, while the free version is required to listen to 30-second advertisements and cannot change music indefinitely.

In addition to custom content, the Stations application also offers popular playlists of the main Spotify platform, including Discover Weekly, Favorites, and Release Radar.

The Stations was developed by Spotify in early 2018 and despite offering the opportunity to listen to music for free, it has not fallen on user thanks, which in the Android version does not reach 100,000 around the world, while the “mother application “already has more than 500 million.

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Stations is the easiest way to listen to the songs you love. Totally free. When you have access to all the music in the world, finding the right thing to hear can become a challenge. With Stations, you can listen instantly, and changing stations is quick and easy – no need to search or type. As you listen, the application learns what you like and creates custom stations that you will love. Stations is a Spotify experiment that makes it easy to listen to great music for anyone.

Spotify, when launching the Stations app



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