Chrome 76 beta brings great news involving anonymous browsing and night mode


Chrome 76 betaChrome is officially in its 75th version, but Google already has advanced work for the next major update to the industry-leading browser.

Chrome Beta 76 is now available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac bringing a lot of news to testers. One of the most interesting is the impediment implemented in an anonymous mode that no longer allows websites to interpret that you are on a reserved tab.

So, news portals, for example, will no longer be able to trigger specific behaviors. For example, sites with a paywall – a barrier of free articles to a number before a subscription request – block access in anonymous mode. This will no longer be possible on Chrome 76.

Also, Flash is now disabled by default. Users will be able to continue reactivating the plugin manually, but Adobe itself has already informed that it will discontinue its support in 2020.Chrome 76 beta

Progressive Web Apps – PWAs – now are looking for updates more often, and instead of suggesting a shortcut on your desktop in the footer of the screen, will now open as a prompt at the top just below the navigation bar.

Closing the list of new features already observed, Chrome 76 is allowing in Windows and Mac that sites know when the user is using the dark browser mode. So they can trigger a behavior so that they appear automatically dark too.

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Despite being a browser famous for getting hold of the browser’s RAM, there are a few tricks to prevent Google’s product from wiping out the hardware features.





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