Cheaper?! Redmi may also launch its first smart watch


Redmi As we know, Xiaomi has finally entered the smartwatch market with the launch of Mi Watch. The company’s device is inspired by Apple Watch but has a host of features that make it one of the most complete in the category.

However, the final price may have scared a lot of people. So, thinking of the cost-effective audience, Redmi could get in the way. That’s because brand general manager Lu Weibing used his Weibo profile to instigate the launch of a Redmi Watch.

Commenting on an MIUI for Watch video, the executive was very clear and asked the audience, “Looking forward to a Redmi Watch?”. 

While this executive post does not confirm the existence of a Redmi Watch, this would be a good strategy for Xiaomi to offer a more affordable option. This is because it is remarkable that the subsidiary’s products were designed with a focus on low prices.

However, we do not have any details about this possible Redmi Watch yet. In addition, both Xiaomi and Redmi refuse to comment. Therefore, we warn that everything should still be considered as just another rumor of the industry.

However, if this variant really does exist, it might look a lot like Mi Watch. However, to offer more competitive value, Redmi will probably have some features and functionality.

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Do you believe we will have a Redmi Watch? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.


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