Bullshit! Genius music site accuses Google of using its database without authorization


 Genius music siteAnd it seems that Google has been accused of an irregularity that he usually denounces other sites to perform: copyright. Genius music site has recently reported, with evidence, that the search giant is using its database in an unauthorized way.

Who has been using Google for over 4 years knows that by 2016 the Mountain View company has made an update to its search engine to make it easier to access song lyrics that are searched daily on the site, even allowing access to the clip and the audio streaming in specialized streaming services.

However, it was not explicitly stated where the lyrics of the song were being drawn, leading many to believe that the company was searching and creating their own database with the songs, but not. Genius, which specializes in posting news and lyrics from various artists, has noticed that its system was being copied without authorization and has begun making some deliberate changes to confirm its suspicions.

As they were almost certain that it was their database that was part of this area of ​​Google’s fast search, Genius made some changes in the accentuations used in the letters, where they alternated between the use of straight and curved apostrophes, to create a kind of watermark.

Analyzing each modified score, the music site identified more than 100 equal instances, and this caused them to contact the search giant to see if they could make any kind of deal, either in 2017 or this year.

But they did not receive any response, which can even lead to a process, an action that can not be done directly because the letters are composed of third parties and it would only be valid to use the allegation regarding the database, which is being used illegally.

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Google has ruled on the matter but has not admitted any guilt in the irregular use of the lyrics, claiming that the use is licensed by various sources.

“The letters displayed in the information boxes and knowledge panels in Google Search are licensed from multiple sources and are not extracted from Web sites. We take the data quality and the rights of creators very seriously and hold our licensing partners accountable We are investigating this problem with our data partners, and if we find that the partners are not keeping good practices, we will terminate our contracts, “said Google

Source: bgr.com


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