Bug in MIUI 12? Xiaomi Mi 10 users report audio problem after installing previous system version


MIUI 12MIUI 12 is already being released for some devices, however, many are still receiving the beta version of the system, which may still contain some bugs or problems. This is the case with the MIUI 12 developer version for the Xiaomi Mi 10, which is currently at version 6.15, which is experiencing some problems, however, a more serious one seems to reduce the volume of audio on the devices.

This is what some users who are testing this new version of the system report. According to them, version 5.24 had a much louder sound than the current one. Based on that, Xiaomi engineers decided to test it to see if there really is a difference.

For this, they used two identical smartphones but with different firmware versions, one with version 5.24 and the other with 6.15. The engineers performed the test in a studio with a sound intensity meter.

The results showed that there was no difference between the volume levels. According to the engineers, the April update of MIUI focused mainly on MIUI 12 and not on changes in that area of ​​the system. Anyway, it is interesting to check if these users have not used any type of equalizer on the smartphone, which can severely affect their volume.

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Finally, it is interesting to see the contrast between the support of a device like the Mi 10 and the Mi A3, for example, which currently still faces problems with the update to Android 10, not to mention the Redmi Note 8, which until now has not received the latest version of Android, although it already has MIUI 11 and will soon be upgraded to MIUI 12, which is already being tested for it alongside Pocophone F1 and Redmi Note 7.

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