Bring it back, Google! Pixel 4 had 60fps 4K recording support during development


GoogleThe Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL debuted without a major feature in many other even cheaper tops: 4K recording support at 60 fps.

While rivals such as the iPhone 11 ( review here ) are able to capture video in this setting with the front camera, the lack of feature on the search giant’s flagships has surprised fans of the line.

However, according to recently released information, the decision not to include support may have been made in the final stages of product development – according to Google, the reason would have been that users generally do not use this type of configuration.

News of the possible existence of 4K mode at 60 fps on Pixel 4 and 4 XL comes from the editor in chief of the well-known XDA Developers forum; According to him, the recording mode was present before but was removed only a few days of testing.

According to Google, a video of this quality consumes 500 MB of storage per minute, which is, in fact, a lot of memory for a feature that is not popularly used.

But in addition, the Mountain View giant may not have liked the quality of the video – if we add to the fact that the Pixel 4 has a battery of just 2800 mAh, it could only last a few minutes away from the jacks; In addition, we must keep in mind the limitation on internal storage.

One thing is certain: no Pixel line smartphone delivers 4K at 60 fps as of this writing, which is quite frustrating for mobile camera enthusiasts.

Apparently, Google is not very concerned about what its competition is or is not offering, and knowing the ever-active XDA user group, it should not be long before someone finds a way to enable this special recording mode, a since it ever existed at some point.

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Will we have a turbocharged version of GCAM for Pixel 4 and 4 XL with 60 fps 4K video recording? That only time will tell.


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