Bethesda: The ‘Streaming’ of Games will prosper in the Next Generation


The cross game, which is becoming increasingly popular, would also be one of the main themes.

Bethesda: The 'Streaming' of Games will prosper in the Next Generation

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Pete Hines – president of Bethesda – has offered his perspective on the ninth generational cycle of consoles, of which today we do not know much. According to Hines, what awaits us in the ‘next-gen’ is “the ability to get games to people in a greater variety of ways, easier and faster, and a greater variety of devices.” Speaking in more tangible terms: cross game, shared progression between platforms, and video game broadcasting.

“I am particularly excited about Sony’s news last week [embracing the cross game]because it seems that they are going to open up not only to cross-play but cross-platform progression – they are very different things,” Hines explains. “Not only do I want to play against people from other platforms, but also be able to take my progress with me from one device to another, what I have unlocked, what my character can do, I want to take that from one platform to another.” In the long term, the idea is to be able to unify the community of players by the games and not by the platforms where they play.

“I hope that in the next generation, we will see more of that, being able to treat our user base as a whole, instead of saying ‘here are the Xbox ones, here those of PS4, here those of Switch and those of PC’ -all We can say ‘you are all playing such a game’ and we can treat you in the same way because your experience is the same and you are playing with each other “he continues. Quoting Todd Howard (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls), Hines gave an example of the mentality we have when we go to the video store to rent a movie.

“I would like to approach video games as we perceive DVD movies, that is, if you rent or buy Deadpool, you do not buy it specifically to watch it on Sony or Panasonic players, but you have a DVD and anything that plays DVDs will serve to watch the movie”. Today, Microsoft took a step forward in this field by presenting Project xCloud, an online service that allows you to play Microsoft games on mobile phones, tablets, computers or consoles, keeping the experience intact in all of them. It remains to be seen if PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will finally bet on this same line.

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