Best Ultra-Thin Cases for Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in 2019


Cases can be bulky, exhausting, and revolting, so I can understand why such a significant number of go exposed and show off their phone’s full brilliance for the world to see. Even the most slender of cases can offer some little protection from scrapes, chips, and smaller tumbles, and these ultra-thin cases for the Google Pixel 2 are so meager, you may even overlook you’re wearing a case!


Little Black Case 

Spigen Thin Fit Case


Spigen’s cases are some of the best you can purchase, and with the Thin Fit, you get MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military-grade assurance for a situation that won’t make your Pixel 2 or 2XL feel like a tank. It just comes in dark, however, dark runs with everything. For people that want ample assurance without trading off their phone’s structure, this is just about flawless.

Like Totally Awesome

Totallee Case


While it looks too meager to even think about a lot of anything, you truly can sit back and relax with the Totallee case. You don’t have to stress over smudges, scuffs, scrapes, or chipping the covering Google adds to the Pixel 2. Totallee put forth this case so you can get a fundamental safeguard against normal wear-and-tear while also giving your phone another splash of color without including any mass.

Super Thin Support

Peel Super Thin Case


Peel is very proud of their “0.35mm thin” cases and we agree that these cases are ideal for people who hate cases. And unlike most case makers, Peel doesn’t shoehorn logos and marking into their paper-thin cases, rather than letting the excellence of your Google-designed phone show however frosted cases color-matched to every variant of the Pixel 2.

Slim And Sparkly

Bear Motion Slim Case


This sparkly case adds grasp to the back and sides of your phone while leaving the top and base open for simple access to ports and sensors. This case folds around the corners of the phone for security, a hard-shell case that snaps on to shield your phone from scrapes and scratches while bringing some sparkle and style.

Almost Invisible

Aeska Ultra Slim Thin Case


This slim, translucent case is easy to slip on and off, with its adaptable TPU offering a small piece more energy absorption and redirection aimed drops than harder polycarbonate cases. This case comes in 5 subtle colors, including this dazzling Purple, a color not seen much with Pixel 2 cases that are commanded by black and teal and mint.

Deep Red

X-Level Guardian


Keep your Pixel 2 (or 2 XL) flimsy and lightweight while simultaneously including a pop of color. X-Level’s Guardian case is accessible in two colors, and while the Black one looks fine, we adore the Winered complete that’s shown here. The case offers 360-degree insurance, is ultra-thin, and accompanies with a 180-day warranty.

If we had to choose

Overall, we suggest the Spigen Thin Fit Case as the best decision for numerous people. It totally nails the ultra-thin design by including virtually no heft or bulk of any kind to the Pixel 2. Even better, regardless you get military-grade drop security despite its thin profile. How Spigen accomplished this is beyond us, but we simply know we’re happy it managed to do so.

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On the other hand, n any case you’re OK sacrificing that military-grade rating and want something that is as slim as humanly possible, we prescribed directing your attention towards the Totallee case and Peel super thin case. These two cases are, unmistakably, the mist slender you can get for the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. A few people may argue that they’re too thin, however, that’s sincerely what makes them so extraordinary. They truly don’t feel like anything when connected to the phone, and if that’s what you’re pursuing, they’ll serve you flawlessly.

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