Best Selfies on Apple Watch? Patent suggests camera coupled on watch strap


Apple WatchManufacturers have already tested cameras on smartwatches, but their position is usually not conducive to ergonomics, as users need to wriggle their wrists to take pictures or video chats. However, Apple seems to be close to solving the problem, thanks to a patent recently discovered and registered at the US patent office.

The Apple patent is from a bracelet to the Apple Watch with a built-in camera designed to be positioned as the user wishes. The module includes an extended part with a camera at the end, which the user will have to pull and retract to choose the ideal angle for the photo.

Being a patent, it is worth noting that there is no guarantee that this design will become a real and marketable product.

There are rumors of camera circling since 2015, and there are technical obstacles to the issue of battery life and space limitations for the sensor. Technological advances can solve this problem.

Apple has been trying to make its smartwatch independent of the iPhone, with features that let you exclude apps from the system, and cameras can reduce the need to take a device to do a series of activities, such as taking a quick photo or answering a call via FaceTime.

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Some of the features that make the Apple watch independent were shown during WWDC 2019, which featured, among other things, the company’s new operating system, watchOS 6.



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