Be a Social Media Star With the LG G8’s Incredible Camera Tools


If you’re searching for the best camera to spice up your Instagram feed, look no more remote than the profoundly acclaimed LG G8. Its versatile camera has been rated highly by experts in the field. Buyer Reports, an autonomous, nonprofit organization that has been given to unbiased product testing for more than 8 decades, rated the G8’s camera as generally excellent overall. “The fundamental camera is among our top performers for shooting stills,” CR’s experts state in their survey. “These images are among the best outcomes for color quality, exposure level, sharpness, and image noise.”

LG G8's

Furthermore, the LG G8 drives the positioning of VCX-Forum, together with the LG G8s and the LG V50. VCX is a non-profit association dedicated to testing and positioning smartphone cameras. VCX’s numeric score comes because of objective laboratory measurements, implying that it’s free of bias and immune with the impact of subjective opinions.


The LG G8 puts an amazing super wide-angle camera in your hands

LG turned into a pioneer in the smartphone camera space by advancing the too wide-edge focal point. Today, more and more phones – the LG G8 and LG V50 included – have an overly wide-point focal point camera in addition to their main one, giving users more inventive opportunity than before.

 super wide-angle camera

Without a doubt, an excessively wide-edge is a valuable tool with a lot of innovative potentials. Use it to take photos of epic sceneries or sensational adventure shots. Take advantage of it every time you’re in a difficult situation and backing up is not an alternative. You can even use it in combination with the timer highlight to take wide-point gathering selfies by flipping the telephone around! Because of the camera’s remarkable viewpoint and character, your photos will effortlessly stand out on social media. Simply remember that such cameras have a fixed focus, so they’re not perfect for extraordinary close-up photography. Fortunately, the G8’s great main camera is at your disposal in such situations.

Capture split-second moments with Burst Mode

Timing can make the effect between a good and a great photo. To never miss a split-second moment, a standout amongst the best devices in the LG G8’s camera arsenal is burst mode. It is accessed by long-pressing the camera shutter key, and the camera takes a fast series of full-resolution photos. At that point, you can pick the best ones – or even turn the sequence into a GIF! Burst Mode is priceless for taking photos of fast-paced action: anything from a sports game to a kids party. Or on the other hand, you can use it to take creative photos of water droplets falling on the ground or your pet hopping noticeable all around to get a treat.

With Spotlight on LG G8, the studio is in your pocket

It is entrancing how supernatural smartphone cameras can appear nowadays! The LG G8’s front-facing Z-camera is not just ready to take sharp, clear selfies with its autofocus lens. It uses advanced sensors to convey real-time lighting impacts to your selfies. Having professionally lit photographs is currently, quite literally, as simple as tapping a few buttons. The LG G8’s Spotlight highlight is unique with its ability to apply a virtual light source impact onto the subject’s face, in this manner highlighting facial features or countering unwanted shadows.

Turn good low-light scenes into great Night View photos

Taking photos in low light can be a test for any camera. The old-school method for getting better low-light photos is to use manual camera settings to set a more extended screen speed, at that point boosting the ISO to expand the camera’s sensitivity. This methodology yields extraordinary outcomes if you have a tripod or something to lean your phone against. And if you have consistent hands, you can get away with a shutter setting of up to 1/4th of a second.

Night View

Be that as it may, in 2019, more and more phones accompany dedicated night modes. As affirmed by the score of VCX-Forum, the LG G8 is now skilled at low-light photography, and its presentation is supported further by its Night View night mode. It uses different short exposures of a single night scene captured ver a time of a couple of moments. These are then stacked together by the camera’s software to make a more clear photograph. There’s no need for a tripod. Simply point the phone at the scene for a couple of moments and enjoy the results! Here’s a gallery of photos taken using the LG G8’s Night View mode:

Bonus round: Video Portrait on the LG G8 puts the focus on you

We’re all familiar with Portrait Mode – a component that blurs the background in a photo to put accentuation on the individual being captured. Today, this highlight is accessible on pretty much any phone. However, the LG G8 is one of the not many phones that can apply the stylish representation impact in the video as well. Portrait videos can be shot with the G8’s main camera and have an unmistakable look that will truly make them stand out in your social media feed.


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