Apple: upcoming design boss has already unveiled racks of glass production for iPhone


AppleLess than two weeks after Jony Ive left Apple, the company already has a replacement for the function of design chief: Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO. The professional had as one of the highlights in the giant of Cupertino tell the backstage of the manufacture of glass for the iPhone.

In 2017, during a press conference when “Apple” invested $ 200 million in Corning – the company’s flagship smartphone display manufacturer since 2007 – Williams explained how Steve Jobs’ stubbornness contributed to the company’s path. Watch the following:

The executive said that Apple intended to launch the first iPhone with the plastic screen, as well as the panels on the iPods of the time. However, the “Apple” media players had a display that occupied a small part in the front area. Already the proposal of the cell phone was different.

Although the first model was presented at WWDC 2007 with the most fragile panel, Steve Jobs told the team that one factor bothered him. He noticed the scratched canvas after a while in his pocket, in contact with other objects.

The team explained having tested various materials and expected to use glass only three or four years later. However, Jobs was adamant about the need for the iPhone to reach stores with glass.

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Around weeks or months later, the iPhone already had the display with the material developed by Corning.

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