Apple TV Plus yields and seeks third-party content to fatten catalog


Apple TV PlusApple decided to add a hint of eccentricity when launching its video-on-demand platform, Apple TV Plus, so it said it would only have original series, films, and documentaries on the service. The price charged on the platform is even reasonable: R $ 9.90. However, since its launch, the service has not thrilled in terms of audience.

Consumption of streaming during the quarantine skyrocketed, causing the subscriber base of Netflix, Disney Plus and others to rise above expectations. However, the Cupertino giant has not been experiencing this sweet taste, so it decided to promote changes.

Apple is already starting to talk to licensors and Hollywood studios to purchase third-party content. In other words, in the future, the platform will have a more diverse catalog, with classic series, films that marked an era, and other icons of pop culture that serve to attract a loyal audience of these materials, and also give the feeling of a platform with content to lose. view, which is far from a reality today.

Sources also indicate that Tim Cook’s company has already acquired licenses. It remains to be seen whether, like Netflix, the content will be restricted in certain countries, or whether the catalog will be universal as it is today.

Remember, those who buy an iPhone or iPad receive one year of Apple TV Plus for free, which represents savings of R $ 120 compared to the regular monthly fee.

To the curious, some content is open during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and the platform also offers seven free days for anyone to try the complete collection.

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And you, what do you think of this step that Apple is taking to increase the content offer? Tell us in the comments!

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