Apple takes iCloud password sync to Google Chrome with official extension


Google ChromeIf you are a Chrome user on Windows or Mac (a browser that just gained support for GeForce Now ) and also have Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, your user experience just got even better thanks to a new extension official apple for the Google browser.

The feature had been revealed prematurely last week through the description of Chrome on the Microsoft Store and should allow the synchronization of iCloud keys with Chrome, acting as a kind of password manager that should make the distance between different platforms even smaller.

If the user used the features of Safari to, for example, generate an automatic password with strong security, he can now have access to all of these when installing and configuring the extension.

Passwords created in Chrome for Windows will also be synchronized with all user devices running Google Chrome, regardless of the platform they have. To download the extension just access the Chrome Web Store through this link. In its description we can see something like:

Passwords in iCloud allows you to use the same passwords in Safari on Chrome on Windows created on your Apple device.
Passwords in iCloud is a Chrome extension to use on your Windows PC, which allows you to use the same passwords created with Safari, on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. This extension also stores the new passwords in iCloud Keychain passwords created in Chrome to also be available on your Apple devices.

It is curious to see Apple developing features for other browsers, but a few years ago the company even offered a version of Safari for Windows, however, it ended up being discontinued in 2012.

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Now, aware of the billion-dollar amount of active iPhones around the world (many of them being used by machine owners running Windows), the Cupertino giant naturally initiated plans involving browsers other than its own.



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