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Apple Plans Testing Overhaul of iOS 14 after iOS 13 Debacle


Thirteen has been an unlucky number for Apple. Since the summer, Apple’s rollout of iOS 13 has been bother by lapse after misstep as features were pulled from the initial release. Showstopping errors and countless iterations have been made to get things right.

According to report:

Apple’s senior vice president Craig Federighi and his senior staff have announced sweeping changes to the way the company manages test builds of new software. These announcements came during a recent internal kickoff meeting with Apple engineers.

The new approach ensure that test versions, known as “daily builds,” of future software updates disable unfinished or buggy features by default. Testers have the choice to selectively allow those features, and isolate the impact of each individual addition on the system.

Apple has impose an annual upgrade cycle for the operating system (OS) software that powers its devices. Each year in the fall, Apple rise new versions of the OS’s as it rolls out its latest iPhone models.

Apple continuously introduce new products to the mix, and has branched its OS’s as well. iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS now get their own launches with unique features and capabilities. Many are plot to take advantage of features and functionality available on new hardware.

What’s More?

Apple branched iOS 13’s launch into a 13.0 and 13.1 release to overcome the problems in the initial build. Apple predict the 13.0 release would be the domain of early adopters and lovers, with 13.1 the general release for a wider market. iOS 13.2 settle things and the company has repeated that build multiple times to iron out other bugs.

The rough rollout of iOS 13 has come up with a general opinion that Apple’s fit and finish is lacking this time around. While consumer satisfaction show that general consumers are still very happy with their iPhones. There’s been a steady hum of dissatisfaction with the quality of the software that operates these devices. But many people have been unwilling to update to the latest launches.

With the internal changes Apple hopes to launch the new software having new features and functionality without compromising stability. Apple has difficult plans for new features in iOS 14. So hopefully the new internal processes will help those features roll out and be tested more easily than they were this last time.


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