Apple announces partnership with Best Buy to repair iPhones in US stores


iPhonesApple maker formally announced today the expansion of its partnership with the well-known Best Buy American store, which has been certified with an authorized repair service for branded devices in the United States.

With nearly 7,600 technicians newly trained by Apple, Apple’s Geek Squad can further troubleshoot problems, which can even count on repairs done the same day the device enters its counters.

According to Trish Walker, president of Best Buy services, the availability of Apple device support is part of the advanced customer service experience offered to customers of the store since the purchase of branded devices.

We love being present to our customers, no matter what Apple’s need, from helping them choose the right device, to offering AppleCare protection, and now helping to fix their devices. We always enjoy a great partnership with Apple and are excited to be able to better serve our customers.

According to the announcement made by Apple itself, the repairs are certified by Apple which guarantees the quality of the service without the dependency of attending an own store to obtain support for smartphones of the brand.

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As a result, in addition to Apple’s retail stores, the brand has more than 1,800 authorized service providers in the US, three times the number registered three years ago, ensuring that approximately 80% of its consumers can always be around a specialized service.



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