Android Q: Latest trial version released for Pixel line with even more gestures


Android QA few weeks after resuming distribution of the fifth trial version of Android Q, after brief suspension due to installation issues, Google decided to release the platform’s sixth and possibly last beta build.

Beta 6 brings even more settings to gesture navigation, following changes implemented last month that still needed improvement.

Android Q DP6 has an extra preference that lets you, for example, set the sensitivity of the back gesture, which can be accessed from Settings> System> Gestures> System Navigationby tapping the gear icon.

Controls with four sensitivity levels are now present, going from “Low” to “High” – the system even alerts users to set their devices to the high sensitivity option as it may conflict with some apps that have controls near the edges of the screen.

In other words, the user experience delivered by this build should be very close to what users will have in the final release of the platform, which will be released in the coming weeks.

It is also worth noting that Google’s upcoming sixth beta platform includes the August security pack for Android recently released for Pixel smartphones on Android 9 Pie.

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System images can be obtained from the following links. Remember to always back up important data before installation.


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