Android Auto Finally Gets a Design Update


The unfortunately overlooked Android Auto at long last gets an update for the user interface following quite a while of neglect. The long overdue facelifting guarantees that the standard handling within the wake of beginning the engine is no longer fundamental. Rather, the framework starts navigating and playing music immediately. These and different innovations can be found in the article.

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In 2014, Google presented Android Auto for both fixed car entertainment framework and smartphones. From that point forward, little has changed in the user interface. In the interim, as indicated by Google, 50 car brands in 500 models depend on Android Auto; every single other car can be retrofitted with a car mount by means of smartphone and a Bluetooth associated with the car radio.


In particular, the launch of the Android Auto user interface is to be quickened with the update, which is to be played out over the late spring on the entertainment framework of compatible cars. When you start your car, the app quickly switches to navigation mode with your preferred navigation app and resumes playback with the last music or podcast app utilized. Likewise, on the call by “Okay Google” the system responds then immediately.


Considerably increasingly significant is that in the new Android Auto, navigation no longer has to be hindered when you use another app. The navigation bar at the base is reached out with controls for music playback, for instance, so that you can rapidly jump to the next track. In the event that someone calls you, you can accept these buttons rapidly or reject them with a message.

The recently included bell symbol opens the Notification Center that has not yet been appeared. From that point, you can rapidly view missed calls, notifications and updates and respond to them accordingly.


Additionally, Google Android Auto has better adjusted to new screens. On the off chance that it detects a wide display, it extends the view accordingly; for instance, by exploring after the next turn or by the duration of the present call. The color palette should now be considerably more legible gratitude to bright colors on a black background.

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Google promises to reveal the update over the late spring distributed among the relating cars. The Play Store app does not yet have the majority of the features described. At the developer fair Google I/O there will be a session ‘What’s happened with Android for Cars’.


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