Amateur astronomer captures images of exploding meteor in England


exploding meteor in EnglandA unique moment is seen and filmed by an amateur astronomer, Derek Robson when a meteor explodes in the sky. He was in the backyard of his home in Loughborough, Leicester, on November 10, when he saw the phenomenon occur. It happened similar to the Australian, three months earlier, in August.

The footage shows a fireball crossing the skies at incredible speed shortly before exploding in a flash of light and disappearing from view, disintegrating. The retired scientist and astronomer in the last 48 years recorded the event, check below:

Derek Robson states that seeing the live event was much more impressive, and that the meteor was much brighter than any star . It came from Orion’s nebula and exploded some 210 kilometers from Leicester, near Bristol, another English town.

The amateur astronomer was asleep as the meteor crossed the skies, but he had put his camera in the yard only a few hours earlier. He claims to have jumped with joy at reviewing the footage, citing that he usually only catches airplanes, birds and the like in his recordings.


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