Alert: Child and adolescent development could be hampered in digital age


Child and adolescent The world of technology has evolved more than expected in the last 5 years, and such development has helped popularize various electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Purchasing these products has become easier, but it has also brought a concern for the future as the new generation is graduating with access to everything the internet can provide.

Pointing out the negatives of early access to the most advanced today is becoming increasingly seen in research, chat, and even has been the subject of analysis by psychologists and other practitioners of child behavior.

Lately, adults have been using tablets and smartphones as distracting or good behavioral bonuses for kids and teens, which can be detrimental in the long run. For those who are still developing intellectually, early access to the digital world makes the accessory an important part of their daily routine.

Every day it has become more common to see children and teenagers eating their meals while fiddling with cell phones, taking tablets to school on the grounds that it is just another study tool, but only to play with friends at break time.

Even though they may seem common to most, they are unhealthy habits for little ones, who live early on with a harmful behavior of doing activities distorted by learning from their parents, which should set an example. Even daily family communication is changing from what was once seen as emotional experience is being exchanged for online fun.

One application that is closely linked to this is YouTube, which, while providing content focused on the children’s niche, also features programming that should not be accessed by kids. And most spend hours watching random shows without parental control, or get annoyed when videos are paused or blocked.

Digital education for children and adolescents has become necessary for the new generation and it is up to parents to carry out this control of content consumption just as there was when the only distraction was TV sets.

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So, dear reader, do you agree that children and adolescents are better controlled over what they consume online? Leave your opinion in the comments!



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