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How To Use The AirPods Pro Ear Fit Test


Apple’s AirPods Pro is the first AirPods to include adjustable silicone cups to allow you to achieve a perfect custom fit for your ear. Make sure to select the right size cup depending on the shape of your ear canal. Another important thing you get the best possible fit, Apple has enabled the Ear Tip Fit Test to make sure your AirPods Pro are working optimally. Let’s come and check how it works.

Snap-in the Right fit:

First check, the silicone ear tips included with your AirPods Pro. For average user medium-sized ones are suitable – are already attached. Two other sizes, small and large, are also included in the packaging.

If you haven’t already tried them out, give the medium-sized ones a try and see if they rest comfortably in your ears. Move around and give your head a good shake and to make sure they’re seated securely.

If you are not comfortable with that switch to the larger or smaller tips until you find ones that work. To remove them, slowly pull and squeeze the silicone tip away from the rest of the AirPod. You’ll feel it free, then you can attach the size you want. You’ll feel a gentle tap or snap when the silicone tip is correctly attached to the AirPods.

Make sure that you may find that one size works better in one ear than the other. Maybe you find that your right ear is more comfortable with the medium silicone ear tip, for example, while your left ear works better with the large. So you must find the best combination that’s right for you.

How to run the Ear Tip Fit Test

If you’re not sure which ear tips are best for your ears then don’t worry. Apple’s made it easy to find out for our ease with the Ear Tip Fit Test, a built-in function of the AirPods Pro.

First, attach a set of silicone tips that you think fit you best. Then on your iPhone:

Step 1:

Firstly tap Settings.

Step 2:

Then click Bluetooth.

Step 3:

Tap the Info button next to your AirPods (in the list of connected Bluetooth devices).


Step 4:

Tap Ear Tip Fit Test.

Step 5:

Tap Continue.


Step 6:

Tap the Play button.


If everything goes well, you should get green Good Seal indicators from the test.


If something went wrong then the test may suggest adjusting or even trying a different ear tip. Give your AirPods Pro an adjustment, and try a different pair, and test again.


Note: don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes, if you need custom sizes for each ear.


Try the Ear Tip Fit test and share your experience with us also let us know which size suits you in the comment section below!

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