2020 iPad Pro will kick-start Apple’s ambitious augmented reality plan


iPad Pro 2020 is set to usher in a new era at Apple, renewing the company in ways we haven’t seen in a long time. Second all information already disclosed to date, the giant of Cupertino should present the successor to the iPhone 11 with a ToF 3D sensor to expand development of augmented reality ( AR or AR its acronym in English), return with a new iPhone SE and more recent details point out that Apple should finally introduce its augmented reality headset in 2022 and the new augmented reality glasses in 2023.

Now the rumors are revealing new things about what is being called Apple’s ambitious plan for its RA platform for the next decade, and the details suggest again that it all starts with the iPad Pro 2020.

As Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg, it is reported that next year’s iPad Pro will come with a three-sensor camera system: two would be for photography as used on the iPhone 11 (one standard lens and one wide-angle lens), but the differential is for the third sensor, which would not be implemented for photography, but for depth of field and spatial recognition.

According to Gurman, the new sensor “would allow people to recreate 3D models of rooms, objects, and people,” he also states that this new dedicated sensor for spatial mapping would be used in the same year iPhones to be introduced in September 2020.

In the image below we see a concept imagining the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro (or 11S Pro) with the camera set and an additional hole for the new 3D sensor.

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Gurman did not offer great details about the announcement date of the new iPad Pro, but said the device will be unveiled “in the first half of 2020”. By then a lot of information and news should come up, so stay tuned to TudoCellular so you don’t miss any new details!

Source: Bloomberg


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