Remix OS For PC – Now Use Android on your PC


Jide is a small team whose members come mostly from Google. The startup specializes in software development, especially to run Android applications on other platforms.

In September, Jide offered an Android emulator for Windows, Remix OS Player. The company has also embarked on the market of alternative operating systems with Remix OS which is installed on Mac or PC.

Download Remix OS for PC is now possible. The new version of the best operating (to date) for computers based on Android is a reality. Surely you have heard of Remix OS. The main novelty is that the operating system is based on Android.

Good news for the lovers of Remix OS, a new version is already available for you to try it on your PC. This new version is based on Marshmallow as you go ahead, and you will enjoy all the news although apparently the changes are only found in the windows.

Remix OS for PC


  • A USB 3.0 8GB flash drive formatted with the FAT32 format.
  • A Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 PC or Laptop with x64 system.
  • Download Remix OS Legacy package file.
  • Enable Legacy Boot mode in BIOS of your Windows PC.

How to launch Remix OS for PC (Windows)

  1. Open the Remix OS.iso file. The file also contains a USB Tool for Remix OS.
  2. Launch the USB Tool from the Remix OS folder.
  3. Connect your USB 3.0 flash drive to your PC / Laptop.
  4. Open the Remix OS USB Tool now.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Remix OS 2.0 bootable USB stick. You will need to select the .iso file of Remix OS in order to create the bootable USB.
  6. Now leave your USB drive connected to your PC.
  7. Restart your windows PC.
  8. As soon as you PC boots up, press F12 key to enter Boot Menu.
  9. Now in the Boot Menu, select “USB Storage Device” as a boot option in the Legacy Mode.
  10. Now you will be given the choice to select between Guest Mode and Resident Mode to get into the Remix OS. Select Resident Mode as it will save all of your data and configuration.
  11. Remix OS will boot up now. It can take 10 – 15 minutes for complete configuration to take place. Once Remix OS boots up, it will show you the Remix OS logo on the screen.
  12. As Remix OS welcomes you, select your desired language and click next.
  13. Agree to the user agreement and click next.
  14. Now connect to your WiFi connection and click next.
  15. You will in the Remix OS now. That’s all. You’re free to unleash the power of Android inside your WindowS PC.
  16. That’s all. In order to boot into Remix OS, use the steps 7 – 9 every time.

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