How to use the Ip Address Finder


When you connect to a network, your computer has a dedicated IP address. If you are connected through a router, all computers on that network share the same Internet Protocol address, although each computer has its unique INTRAnet address. An IP address assigned to any computer that is connected to the Internet. Tracking an IP address is very simple, and you can always track the individual’s help, you can also get enough information. Make a complaint.

  1. Find the IP number you want to check. The IP address format is numeric and is separated into 4 sections. Each number can be from 0 to 255.
  2. To find the IP of the email sent to you, go to the “headers” section through the “details” or “properties” section of your email program. For example, in Outlook Express, select the “Properties” option from the “File” menu or press the ALT + ENTER buttons. Then select the “Details” tab.
  3. In Yahoo, when you see the message, click “Full headers” on the right side of the page.
  4. In Hotmail, go to the “Mail Display Settings” section and set “Message Headers” to “Full” or “Advanced.”Ip Address Finder
  5. Go to a website that allows you to view the IP address information . See External Links. Type and enter the IP number in the input field.
  6. Be aware that you can get a lot of information under different circumstances:
    The user uses an Internet Service Provider (ISP).Ip Address Finder


  7. Approximate user physical location (e.g., Palo Alto, CA).


  8. You can not usually get the user’s real name using the IP address. ISPs usually release this information by court order.


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