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How to Set up Apple TV Restrictions


Set up Apple TV Restrictions: If you have an Apple TV, then it’s good you share it with others in your home. And if you have children, you must make sure they cannot view inappropriate content on the device.

For those who are new to Apple TV or just taken time to set up restrictions yet. This guide is for you. Here are the content restrictions available on your Apple TV and how to set them up.

Allow Restrictions on Apple TV

To get started setting up restrictions on your Apple TV. Just open the Settings and tap General. Move down to Restrictions, which show as Off and tap it.

On the top of the Restrictions screen, tap Restrictions. A pop up appears to create and verify a four-digit passcode. Once done, tap OK and ensure you keep that passcode in a spot you’ll remember.

After setting up along with the restrictions below, any modifications will need that passcode.

Allowed Content

The Allowed Content section of the Restrictions screen is where you’ll need to spend a little time.

Music and Podcasts: Clean or Explicit.

Music Profiles: Display or Hide. This is also for viewing other people’s profiles so that you can view what your friends are hearing or share music.

Ratings For: Choose your country. This will decide the available ratings for Android and TV Shows that you’ll set next.

Movies: Select a rating. You can view only those movies within that rating or below. You can also disable all movies.

TV Shows: Select a rating. You can view only those movies within that rating or below. You can also disable all movies.

Apps: Select an age range. You can also use only those apps intended for that age and below. You can also disallow all apps.

Siri Explicit Language: Display or Hide.

Other Restrictions

You’ll also check other sections in the Restrictions area for iTunes StoreGame Center, and Allow Changes. However, these sections are quite self-explanatory and offer either a Yes or No or Allow or Restrict setting.

But if you’re concerned about someone renting or buying items from the save with settings for your TV provider. However, as examples, just take a minute to review these areas too.


Here’s all about “Set up Apple TV Restrictions”. Setting up content restrictions on Apple TV is quite easy and important if you have children in your home. So you just take a few moments to ensure your little ones don’t view something they shouldn’t.

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