How to Override Siri when iPhone is Facedown


Override Siri when iPhone Facedown: Siri is sometimes the simplest way to use your iPhone hands-free. But the smart assistant stops listening for the “Hey Siri” hot phrase when you lie the handset using its face down. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to allow Siri when the iPhone is face down or covered.

The Underrated Facedown Detection Feature

Since iOS 9, iPhones support a feature called Facedown Detection. The feature secures Siri for listening to the “Hey Siri” hot phrase when the phone is facedown on a table. Also, its front is covered. However, the trick makes it quite possible to temporarily secure Siri from responding to the hot phrase without changing any settings or turning Siri off fully.

With iOS 13.4, however, Apple brought out the latest accessibility choice that enables customers to override Facedown Detection so the device responds to “Hey Siri” also when placed face down. Follow the guide to learn how to enable “Hey Siri” when your iPhone is face down on a table.

How to Override Hey Siri when iPhone is Face Down

The toggle forces the smart assistant to respond to “Hey Siri” when the handset is face down. Here’s how to use Hey Siri when iPhone is face down:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open Settings on your iPhone with the iOS 13.4 software or later.

Step 2:

Select Accessibility from the root list.

Step 3:

Now click Siri.

Step 4:

Also, Slide the switch Always Listen for Hey Siri to the ON position.

It ensures that iOS will continue listening for the “Hey Siri” wake-up phrase all the time. Also, when your iPhone is facing down.

You may also like to toggle off this latest accessibility setting in iOS 13.4. However, if you’d like to keep the ability to temporarily stop listening for “Hey Siri” without modifying the Siri settings. However, Facedown Detection also helps conserve battery life due to its silences notifications so that the screen doesn’t light up every time whenever a notification is delivered prominently.

Here are all the instances when iOS secures Siri from responding to “Hey Siri”:

  • Your device is face down
  • Or your device is in your pocket
  • The cover is closed on your iPad or iPhone case
  • Low Power Mode allows on your iPhone
  • The device can’t connect to the power

Override Siri when iPhone Facedown Conclusion:

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