Unearthing Colossal


Unearthing Colossal Unearthing Colossal For : Unearthing Colossal is a pixel art side-scrolling and aesthetic action videogame in which you control Reaper, a giant death titan whose nemesis, the creator of life, has broken the cycle of life and death with a sensitive race: humans . Your goal is to destroy humans and their defenses. Make decisions that affect the end of the adventure and improve Reaper with weapons and skills.
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Information About Unearthing Colossal

Name: Unearthing Colossal
Also for: Mac, Linux
For sale in: Digital download
Developer: Power Up to Maximum, Liens
Editor: Power Up to Maximum, Liens
Gender: Action, Action and adventure (Fantasy)
Players: 1
Language: Texts in English and voices in English
Launching: 2016 (To be determined)

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