The Silent Age


The Silent Age The Silent Age For : The Silent Age is an adventure video game point and click with lateral scroll and distributed in episodic format with two deliveries, the first of them launched in February 2013, and the second funded by donations with output dated in 2017.
Colorful, personal, full of intelligent puzzles and with a captivating story, The Silent Age invites us to put ourselves in the shoes of Joe, a veteran of the war in Vietnam who works as a doorman in a presidential building. In 1972, he meets someone badly hurt who gives him a device with which he travels 40 years in the future to verify that the world as we know it has been destroyed. We look for answers while the FBI keeps track of us.
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Information About The Silent Age

Name: The Silent Age
Also for: PC, Mac, iOS
For sale in: Google Play
Developer: House On Fire
Editor: Meridian4
Gender: Adventure (Mystery)
Players: 1
Language: Texts in Spanish and voices in English
Launching: December 6, 2012 (Pegi: +12)

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