The Incredible Baron


The Incredible Baron The Incredible Baron For : The Incredible Baron is a videogame where the strategy in real time and the collection of up to 45 animal species are combined in a story of exploration, science and deception. As a player, we must explore an unknown island, document every beast found in it and use its unique abilities to triumph over nefarious adversaries in the fierce world of science in a world inspired by eighteenth-century naturalists, Baron Munchausen and Don Quixote .
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Information About The Incredible Baron

Name: The Incredible Baron
Also for: PC, Android
For sale in: App Store
Developer: FlatRedBall
Editor: Black Shell Media
Gender: Action, Adventure (Humor)
Players: 1
Language: Texts in English and voices in English
Launching: November 10, 2015 (Pegi: +7)

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