Icey Icey For : Icey is a side-scrolling video game where, in the role of a girl without memory, the player must follow the guidelines of an omnipotent narrator to be guided through Ultimopolis in his quest to find Judas, a dangerous and powerful enemy . Or not, the adventure bases its premise on instilling to the user the idea of ​​resisting the instruction of the voice-over and acting on its own. You decide the story; whatever it is, expect a game full of fast-paced hack and slash bouts and huge cyborg bosses as enemies.
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Information About Icey

Name: Icey
Also for: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch
For sale in: Digital download
Developer: FantaBlade Network
Editor: X.D. Network Inc.
Gender: Action, Hack and Slash (Science fiction)
Players: 1
Language: Texts in English and voices in Spanish
Launching: November 17, 2016

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