Telegram gets update that lets you play long audios at 2x and over


TelegramThe instant messaging app – but also scheduled – Telegram has just received a major update for its Android device users who constantly consume media within the app, offering enhanced features to make navigation smarter.

From now on, it will be possible to play audio over 20 minutes at speeds up to 2x, making the process of listening to podcasts and even longer conversations much less tiring for those who don’t have much time to deal with pauses and language vices.

In addition, version 5.12.1 will also allow any media content that has begun to be played to be seen or heard from the moment a pause occurs, something that annoyed users previously that when they left Telegram or taking any action that paralyzed the media, they needed to hear from the beginning.

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In addition to this, other news has been implemented in the app and are listed below for you to try after the update, which is now available through the Play Store.


Improved media playback and sharing in v5.12.1

  • Listen to podcasts and audios over 20 minutes at 2x speed.
  • Continue playback where you left off by watching long videos and listening to long audio.
  • Search for items in the current folder when sending files or songs.
  • Tap and hold chats when sharing from other apps to send to multiple conversations.
  • Hold the File folder to mark all archived chats as read.


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