About Us

AllAboutOS is a technology website keeping an eye on the insights of all the operating systems that exist in the world right now. These include Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and macOS/Mac OS X, Microsoft’s Windows and Linus Torvalds’ Linux to name a few.

The aim of launching AllAboutOS to empower everyday technology consumers to understand their gadgets in a better way. More than half the population of the world now uses computers and smartphones. Only a small chunk of this population is capable of digging deep into their gadgets. To fix everyday issues with your gadgets, it’s important to master them. Our site is just about that.

AllAboutOS.com is backed by renowned developers working over XDA, which is the most popular development community for Android. All the tutorials and guides published on our site are first verified by testing. If the tutorials stand valid, we publish them on the site.